About Starkie Lutherie


Awarded Certificate of Merit for Cello Tone, Violin Society of America

2018 • View Certificate

Empowering Artistry

Jason Starkie focuses his craft on ensuring his cellos, violins and violas provide musicians with instruments that empower them to express their artistic voices. He works with each client to assess the kind of sound they want to produce and builds their instruments with their unique needs in mind. While some musicians want only a strident, virile tone, others prefer instruments that lend a subtler tone and Jason adjusts his crafting to meet these precise needs accordingly.

Traditional and Modern

Having studied alongside several master luthiers and conducted over a decade of research into the art of making string instruments, Jason incorporates traditional and modern techniques to maximize quality of tone and responsiveness. His aim is to work alongside each musician in the making of their instrument and then maintain his relationship with its owner when it leaves his shop, ensuring the instrument’s quality throughout its lifetime.

Growing up in a home filled with classical music, Jason has been surrounded by art his entire life and his appreciation of the artistic spirit informs both his craft and his understanding of his clients. Because he is a painter, he understands the need to have the best tool with which to express oneself. And he has been playing string instruments for over a decade; starting with the violin, he now plays the cello in a community orchestra.


Starkie Lutherie is located in Seattle, Washington and Jason makes string instruments for musicians across the globe.

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