“Owning the cello made by Jason, getting to know it, playing it in, recording and touring with it, all of this has been a wonderful experience;  it’s been a time of enormous musical change and growth for me. The instrument  has a  full, fine, textured and  beautifully resonant voice and its responsiveness makes expressive phrasing a pleasure. In my work as an improvisor, composer and collaborator I often explore the outer edges of the instrument’s range and Jason’s cello has given me a vast universe in which to wander.”  -Lori Goldston


"Jason Starkie is an exceptional maker whose instruments reflect the sculptural qualities and harmony of the greatest Old Italians.  He is one of the rare contemporary Luthiers whose combination of studied excellence and spontaneity leads to the creation of instruments that are truly made in the spirit of the past masters.  He is also at the forefront of high end, acoustic research and exploring ways to apply twenty first century science to the ancient art of instrument making.  The resulting sound and playability of his instruments is magnificent.  I have had the direct benefit of working alongside him for 15 years, learning from him on many levels, and getting to be his colleague and friend.  I stand  behind his work as a maker, a researcher, a craftsman and and artist."   -Robert Brewer Young